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Types of Roof Cleaners

Before you set up your ladder and start cleaning your roof, it is crucial to educate yourself on various types of roof cleaners. Each cleaner works differently and has its advantages and disadvantages. To help you determine which roof cleaner is the best for you, we made a list of cleaners and their advantages and disadvantages.

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1. Bleach-Based

One of the best solutions for stubborn stains and discolorations is beach-based cleaners. You do not have to scrub or rinse the roof when you use bleach-based cleaners as they are very strong. Just apply the bleach to your roof and let it dry. It will eat through the dirt and grime all on its own.

Bleach-based cleaners might be excellent cleaners; however, they are very harsh. You can inhale their vapors which is harmful to your lungs. And when you overspray or it runoff when raining can wreak havoc on your plants. When using this type of cleaner, you should keep your windows closed for several days to avoid odors and fume.

2. Chemical-Based

Aside from bleach, several chemical manufacturers can be used to restore your roof to its original beauty, such as ammonia, trisodium phosphate, and copper sulfate. These chemicals are excellent in removing molds, stains, and mosses that develop on roofs.

Compared to bleach, chemical-based cleaners are less cruel to plants, but they are still harmful. They may require you to scrub or apply a second application for thorough cleaning. With chemical-based cleaners, you do not have to keep your windows close after applying them. You may also mix them with water as they commonly come in concentrates. But if you have a stubborn stain, you do not have to mix them with water.

3. Environmentally Friendly

If you opt for safer and less harmful to the environment, you may try eco-friendly cleaner. This type of cleaner eliminates the dirt, mold, and algae on your roof without the risk caused by chemical and bleach compounds.

If you have kids and plants at home, eco-friendly cleaner is the Best Roofers in Corpus Christi option as they are safe and they do not cause harmful effects, though the allergic reaction is possible to this product.

To eliminate dirt, molds, and algae, eco-friendly cleaners use oxygen, so they work best with a little agitation. It would be best to have a long-handled brush on hand since you may have to scrub most of the stains and discolorations away.

4. Pressure Cleaner

You can always set up a pressure washer if you want to blast your roof clean. The pressure that comes out of the nozzle eliminates the dirt, and the film clears off your shingles. However, it can damage your shingles, so you have to be careful. You may use several products to mix into the water to increase the effectiveness of the pressure washer. Without chemicals, you cannot kill any moss and algae on your roof.

Roof Cleaning Corpus Christi

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